Note: this blog is a 2008-2014 archive of writings. for updated info, please visit my Linkedin page or company's page: Ravner – International Marketing.

About Daniel Ravner:

Daniel is Head of Digital at Armoza Formats. His previous positions include Head of content at THE BOX and creative director of Screenz

In March 2012 Daniel was elected by leading business magazine Globes as one of the "40 most promising people under 40 in the Israeli business world"

In his current position at THE BOX Daniel develops both TV formats for the Israeli and International markets as well as branded content for clients in the likes of P&G and 3M. Daniel also facilitates the company's business development in the global television industry.

Daniel is also a founding member and the creative director of Screenz – A cross media company offering digital solutions for TV entities such as Fox International Channels and ProSeiben1's Red Arrow. Screenz is a joint venture between THE BOX and Keshet, Israeli leading broadcaster.

Daniel won the prestigious 2010 fellowship for the Entertainment Master Class – a selective executive education programme taking place taking place in various locations worldwide.

Daniel graduated with honors from his Film and Theater studies in New York City. He interned at MTV networks, earned the "W. Eaton award for excellence in playwriting" and also won the IFC's sponsored Festeyeful "Best of Festival award" for his short film The Art of Talking to Girls.

He wrote for prime time Israeli Television (channel 2, Chanel 10) and also commercials for the US market of Israeli products. He acted as artistic manager of "Smallbama" – an emerging artist's theater festival and wrote the nationally toured comedic play The Chat and its Punishment.

Ravner was as associate story editor on Channel 10's prime time show "The sting" and in 2009 acted as head writer and story editor for the first Israeli ARG "The Architect" .


My linkedin profile and TV meets the web Twitter account Email : danielravner(at)theboxsite.com

About the site :

This site aims at promoting a discussion regarding online video, with an emphasis on orginial scripted content. It is updated with news and views concering New Media, Cross Media, financial aspects of the industry and study cases of effective storytelling on the smaller screen. ( Some articles in English: Can't social TV be more than Just Marketing ?,  How to tell a story in the New Media and Top 15 Cross Media TV projects )

Diary of a Freelance Hitman is a comic web series that tells the story of a modern day  gun for hire, who sees himself as a film noir character and accordingly sees the world in black and white.

Daniel has a professional blog at www.ravner.tv covering original new media content and TV/WEB relationship. Articles from the blog constantly reappea in other publications such as The Marker.He also holds lectures worldwide on the subject of New and Cross media and also workshops on the changing landscape of media in various academic institutions such as Shenkar and Stage Center.

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