Top 15 Cross Media TV projects

Top 15 Web and mobile projects, from across the world, created to extend and promote television shows, all taken from the  TV MEETS THE WEB twitter profile. Selected by Daniel Ravner Head of Content and Cross Media at THE BOX

Voice of Holland – Ex Machina's mobile app enhances Talpa's talent hit show with many interactive features.

Gallileo – Augmented reality app Galileo Next Level allows users to take part in the quiz show in real time.

Heineken Star Player – impressive app that allows you to interact with football matches.

Bar Karma A tv show by current tv that allows viewers to contribute story lines, characters etc.

Celebz– interactive animated series enabling viewes to write for a prime time show . (Created by THE BOX)

Dexter – Where's Dexter is a YouTube annotations based game created to promote the show's 5th season

Blog Cabin A DIY show where the audience designs the house and the (TV) crew builds it.

LOST's ARG The Lost Experience" was designed to engage audiences with world of the Dharma organization.

TV LAB – Viewers of Ch.3 (Nederland) get to act as a TV critic and comment on 8 new pilots

Breaking Bad's sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman has a cheezy website to match at Better call Saul

Embarrassing Bodies online interactive version corresponded to Ch. 4's health show.

Pawn Starts – The History Channel show launched a Facebook app. where you run your own pawn shop.

101 ways to leave a game show is now a multiplayer fast paced trivia game against yout Facebook friends.(Created by THE BOX)

True Blood offeref viewers thw chance to Immortalize yourself with this video application.

Coronation Street becmae the basis to Corrie Nation – a social game from ITV


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